Whether you are looking for an entry-level model or already have experience with coordinate measurement systems and are now looking to improve quality assurance or increase inspection capacity – Klontech has the Hexagon the products and expertise you require.

Hexagon CMMs

Bridge CMMs

As production changes, quality standards need to keep pace. Bridge coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) offer an extensive range of solutions in every industry where accuracy, repeatability and automated dimensional inspection is required.

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Shop Floor CMMs

With an increasing demand for dimensional inspection solutions near the point of production, specialised shop-floor CMMs endure the most challenging workshop conditions. From near-line to fully-integrated systems, shop-floor CMMs from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence mean measurement accuracy is assured.

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Hexagon 7.10.7 SF

The Hexagon Metrology 7.10.7 SF is a rugged and robust coordinate measuring machine designed to excel in demanding conditions. Inspired by over fifteen years of shop-floor machine production and hardened by proven technologies, it has been tested in the harshest manufacturing environments.

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ROMER Absolute Arm

Quality control, inspection, on-machine verification, reverse engineering, virtual assembly or 3D modeling. Wherever these needs arise, you will find the ROMER Absolute Arm. Much more than just a metrology tool, its value lies in its versatility. Portability, stability, light weight and high-performance laser scanners make the ROMER Absolute Arm an all-purpose 3D measurement, analysis and digitizing tool that can be used by anyone, anywhere and with minimum training.

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