ViciVision manufacturers advanced measurement solutions for turned components, with machines that deliver the fastest measurement using a combination of video and light projection, providing top of the range performance in a practical, compact design.

ViciVision machines are a unique devices for turned and ground pieces. Their designs give direct access to the piece, ensuring practical loading for both small and large components. The full metal housing provides excellent protection from oil in the working environment and the new photoelectric cells make the measuring process safer.


The M1 offers top of the range performance in a practical and compact optical measuring machine for turned parts.

Compact and ergonomic, the ideal tool to flank multi-spindle lathes or sliding head lathes. From simple fittings to small shafts measuring up to 60×300 mm.

M1 embraces the concepts of ergonomics, designed to improve use in production. Now even faster, it reduces measuring times and sets a new bar in its sector.

M2 / M3

M2 and M3 were born to assist in production. Designed not only to measure large shafts, they can also capture minute details such as bevels and small radii.

A top end machines measuring from small components to 140x900mm shafts.

An increased load capacity allows elements up to 250 mm in diameter to be positioned.


MTL X5 is an optical measuring machine specifically designed to measure micro-mechanical parts, dental implants, watch parts and micro-parts in general.
This high resolution machine detects even the smallest details. Measuring tools designed for every need: static measurements, hexagon and threads analysis.

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